“I grew up in a pretty dysfunctional family with all the standard issues a kid could never hope for .my parents split when I was 4,my teenage years were spent experimenting with drugs and alcohol.late 20’s I cleaned up,got myself back on track,and by my mid 30’s I had a family of my own.while everything was great on the outside,the inside was a different story.i had hit a wall and had no idea what to do about it. A friend had highly recommended Kate as a counsellor and gave me her card.it would take me almost 2 years to make that phone call.looking back on it now, that call changed my life.
Kate Chorley you are an amazing person and I can’t thank you enough for what you have helped me achieve in such a short space of time.
For those that are reading this looking for a sign that this is the right thing to do,don’t wait 2 years like I did….make the call!”
Thanks, Rob, Parramatta

“Kate Chorley has a rare and incredible gift. She has enabled and empowered me to build a much greater quality of life for myself as well as deeper, more meaningful relationships with my loved ones. By the end of each visit, the confusion becomes clear and the dark becomes light. Kate is a truly remarkable individual with a talent for facilitating remarkable results.”  Stuart Adams, Kings Langley


“Even though I’ve lost 35kgs I am a binge eater. A friend of my husbands had seen Kate to quit smoking and was very successful. It was suggested I see Kate to help with my binge eating. I’ve seen Kate a few times now. Each time I’ve seen Kate I always feel safe and secure. I’ve found Kate to be warm, friendly and compassionate. She doesn’t judge you. I come out of my sessions feeling happy and confident that YES I can do this. Kate is helping me to remember the tools that I need. Tools I need to break free from my past. Where I detach from myself and use food to numb my feelings and binge. I am now learning to stay positive, to see food as an energy source and most importantly to love myself. Each day I’m consciously saying NO to myself and making a better choice to look at the positives. To actually feel how I’m feeling whether it be anger or sadness and NOT to turn to food. This is a whole new and sometimes scary experience for me and yes some days are harder then others. I know deep in my heart there will come a day when it wont be so hard that it will just happen, be second nature. I love how Kate is not only helping me to remember the tools I need to succeed, but has given me little life experiments to do in my everyday activities. So its not just all talk. I can physically and emotionally put it all into practise. I know with Kate’s continued help and support I will get there. I will totally and unconditionally love myself the same way I love my husband and children and I wont be turning to food to binge.” Karen Morgan, Blacktown

” I desperately wanted to stop smoking and had tried other therapists without success. Then someone at work recommended Kate, so I tried again and am very glad I did! After the first session I walked out of there a non-smoker and felt really positively about it. I went back a couple of weeks later for a ‘top up’ and have not looked back since! That was eleven months ago.I also went there a few weeks back to help me overcome my morning sickness and who would have thought, I am feeling better.Her voice is extremely soothing and she listens to what it is you need. I am not one for ‘relaxing’ but Kate gets me to really relax and let go every time. She is very professional and warm and I have referred her to many of my friends for all different issues”.  Michelle P. Norwest

” Being skeptical of psychotherapy at first, after my sessions with Kate I am now converted. I had a terrible panic attacks and sometimes found it hard to even leave the house! Kate was able to help me understand what was causing my anxiety which ultimately help me overcome my fears. My friends and family are just amazed at how calm I am now. Thank you Kate!”  Vicki, Quakers Hill 

“Going through my separation and divorce was one of the most emotionally intense experiences of my life. Through my sessions with Kate I felt in a much stronger place emotionally, was able to connect with my children on a deeper level and found my focus at work improved. I found her easy to open up to and was very comfortable with our sessions. I highly recommend her services. ” David, Parramatta

“Kate Chorley is a dedicated professional who has worked with myself and my two children on various issues with great success. I particularly appreciated the time Kate took during the initial interview to gain a clear picture of all the issues concerned. Her approach is warm and understanding, particularly when working with children. Using her initial approach she was able to put together an approach that was very successful. One of my children was having difficulty sleeping in his own bed and was in turn having problems waking up in the morning – a nightmare for me as I would have to continually wake him and be late every morning. After seeing Kate he voluntarily went to bed and woke in the morning with a single command – a miracle compared to the problems we were having in the past! I can thoroughly recommend Kate for the effectiveness of her treatment together with her compassion, understanding and insight.”  Sarah, Western Sydney

Thank you Kate!” My session with you have made me realise how much potential I have in life and how much power I have to create happiness. I feel so much more energetic and reconnected with my true self. I would highly recommend Kate  for anyone who wants to learn the skills to reach their full potential in life. The experience has been truly positive and amazing on many levels ~ thanks for your energy and guidance!”  Lisa, Outer West

” Dear Kate, I would like to thank you for the most professional and reliable treatment I received from you when I needed help with my smoking. I am on top of the world since our 3 sessions. After many attempts to quit, I am free. Also, I am full of confidence in myself and have more control over my life than ever before. My self-esteem has skyrocketed and I know myself again and can hold my own when I am intimidated by other people without getting up tight. Best of all I have joined a gym and can exercise freely, healthily and am in full control of my weight.  I can’t thank you enough. Any future problems I may have, you will be the first on call.”   Gail, Blacktown

” When I first went to see Kate I was suffering from severe anxiety and depression. At that point I wasn’t sure that anything short of being hospitalised would help me, however she managed to help me relax each time I saw her. Not only was the session a great way to unwind me at the time, but Kate also taught me different methods I could use at home in order to control my panic attacks. I don’t know where I would have been without her.”  Rhiannon, Outer West 

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“From my first visit to Kate, I have not smoked marijuana or cigarettes, which was an addiction for 20 years. I attribute this to the counselling sessions. It was lovely talking about my problems to a stranger, I felt relieved and calmed at the same time. Kate gave me the strength to realise I was a good person that simply had an addiction which could be overcome by rebuilding my self-esteem, and dealing with my insecurities. Like everything, it was hard for a few months as my body adjusted to clean living, the cravings were still there but not as much as I expected. Once my body got rid of all the toxins it had hoarded over the past 20 years, I felt and am feeling great. I have put on a little much needed weight, I was so skinny before that I looked sick, but now I look and feel good.  My husband is so happy, he has his wife, lover and friend back. Things have never been better in our marriage. I highly recommend Kate Chorley, I knew I would never be able to give up by myself, and the only other help I thought there would be was to go into a drug rehabilitation programme, and that was never an option having 3 children to look after, and a self-employed husband. We would have lost our house. I recommend Kate’s services to all of you who have any addictions, I only had 3 sessions, and I never would have thought it would work on me, how wrong I was! Thank you Kate for everything”  Anon. Blacktown 

Hi Kate, I have seen you a couple of times before. My Dr requested me to stop going as he said a psychologist is better suited. To be honest, out of the 7 psychologists I have seen, they have never helped me the way you did. I would love to see you again. Thank you.  Lexey, Blacktown