What would it really mean for you and your family if you were able to
quit smoking, drinking, gambling or using drugs and return to being your true self again?


For many of Kate’s clients it is a pivotal moment in their life to make the decision to change. 

Health, finances, personal relationships, confidence and self-esteem all dramatically improve when you learn to conquer your addictions.

Have you tried many times before to quit the destructive habits that prevent you from feeling true happiness and confidence without success?

Kate has assisted hundreds people from all walks of life overcome addiction in all their various forms, including her own battle with drug and alcohol abuse.

Kate has had many clients walk in as lifelong smokers – who have tried everything, including other therapists to try and quit – walk out after just one session a non-smoker who never touches another cigarette again.

 “I desperately wanted to stop smoking and had tried other therapists without success. Then someone at work recommended Kate. After the first session I walked out of there a non-smoker and have not looked back since! That was eleven months ago.”

Michelle P. Norwest


These amazing results are possible because of Kate’s unique, proven approach to your therapy, which is based around developing a program to suit your personal needs and personal characteristics.

Every person is different with different triggers and reasons behind their addictions. That is why many one size fits all approaches used by other therapists fail to create real, permanent change.

“From my first visit to Kate, I have not smoked marijuana or cigarettes, which was an addiction for 20 years.”

Anon Blacktown

By taking the time to understand your situation, personality and habits Kate is able to identify the psychological reasons behind your addictions and address the root cause directly.

” Dear Kate, I would like to thank you for the most professional and reliable treatment I received from you when I needed help with my smoking. I am on top of the world since our 3 sessions. After many attempts to quit, I am free. I can’t thank you enough.”

  Gail, Blacktown


Helping people overcome all types of addictions

In my many years as a qualified psychotherapist, life coach and counsellor Kate has helped hundreds of people permanently overcome all types of addiction including…

  • Chronic smokers have become non-smokers after only a few sessions or less
  • Alcoholics and heavy drinkers feel more in control than ever before
  • Problem gamblers and individuals with poker machine addiction lose the urge to gamble
  • Find new healthy ways to deal with cravings, emotions and dependencies instead of turning to unprescribed  drug use
  • Even unconscious issues such as nail biting and sleep issues can be resolved with the right therapeutic technique.

All therapy is 100% private and confidential.