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Have the Relationship that you have always wanted.


Do you find yourself in a not so great relationship or worse? Do you seem to be bickering and arguing over the most insignificant issues? Or maybe there is a major stumbling block you never seem to be able to resolve? Do you find yourselves in the same destructive and relentless patterns? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions – I can help you.


Since 2004 I have worked with hundreds of couples to help them address the most seemingly insurmountable issues by reading the underlying dynamics of a your relationship and shedding light on what is truly going on. It is only from this point that any issue can be truly addressed.


Rather than using a textbook approach I work with YOU. I want to really get to know you and learn what makes you tick, know your dreams and understand your fears. I am here to help you to understand yourself more deeply and assist to free you to live  more of who you truly are. To discover a love for yourself, to enrich your relationship and your life.


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Don’t wait any longer being unhappy or settling for ho hum average in your life. You were born to be amazing! Let me help you identify what is blocking your path to true fulfilment and joy in your relationship today.


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I know how to work with couples and individuals who want to:


  • reignite the passion and intimacy with their partner

  • develop deeper connections

  • have a communication style that really works

  • rediscover the deep love that they know they have for each other.


Do you feel that you and your partner have been drifting apart and nothing you try seems to work?


Work with me today to understand why this is happening and how to change it. The truth is you were not meant to be unhappy, and just living to get by each day.


A truly joyful partnership is what you deserve.


I can show you how to:

  • come out of being protected and shut down and let your partner in

  • develop an honest way of communicating that does not lead to arguing but to deeper understanding

  • be yourself with your partner

  • overcome feeling not good enough

  • bring the fun and playfulness back!

  • Develop true intimacy

  • Feel empowered within your relationship



Have you tried couples therapy before only to feel that you got nowhere, or that the therapist didn’t really get you and your situation?


I can assure you that your experience with me will be very different because the way I work IS different and unique. I bring all of me and my life experiences to every session ensuring you will get the most out of each meeting we have.


I can show you how to create a new platform from which true intimacy, love, warmth and a deeper bond can develop and flourish.

By identifying and addressing the underlying patterns of unhealthy behaviour and not simply focusing on the obvious issues, I know that you can quickly see dramatic improvements and begin to reconnect with your partner in a more loving way.


With my unique style and open and supportive manner, you will feel relaxed to discuss your issues honestly, and together we can create effective progress towards the kind of relationship that is true, instead of falling back into old patterns that never get resolved and cause ongoing friction.



Couples Therapy Session:

    • 1 hour – $180  

    • 1.5 hour – $240

Payment accepted via Cash & Eftpos

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