Fears & Phobias

Do you have an irrational fear or phobia that interferes with your life?

With expert counselling and psychotherapy treatment you can
effectively address your fears and phobias.


Fears and phobias cause distress and affect the daily lives of thousands of Australians. These fears can range from mild to very intense.

Through personal counselling you can understand the triggers and origins of your fears. We will start to dissect the irrational, excessive and persistent fears and phobias that cause you mental distress and embarrassment.

The difference between useful fear and irrational fears and phobias

Many fearful reactions are necessary and useful as they help us to detect and avoid potentially harmful situations, like running away from a snake or staying back from the edge of a large cliff, but when these fears become so intense, irrational and uncontrollable to the point where they affect your ability to live a normal life, it is time to take action.

Kate can help you overcome fears and phobias such as…

·      Animal Phobias (Dogs, spiders, snakes, rodents, birds)

·      Environmental Phobias (heights, storms, closed spaces, dentists, fear of the dark, flying, driving or bridges)

·      Social phobias (fear of public speaking, large crowds or situations where you feel you are being watched and judged)

·      Injury or Blood Phobias (Needles or injections, germs, injury, blood, wounds, medical procedures)

Effective treatment for your fear or phobia

You may have tried other methods to conquer your fears in the past without success.

The way Kate approaches your therapy helps you to not only overcome and control the symptoms of your fears such as panic attacks, increased heart rate and perspiration, but also breakdown the root cause so you no longer have that particular fear in the first place.

This allows you to completely overcome lifelong fears quickly, easily and permanently.

All therapy is 100% private and confident