Children and Teens

A unique, caring and fun approach to addressing the issues of the younger individual, that promotes self confidence and lays the platform for development and growth.

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Working with children to overcome any number of issues requires a special approach that utilises the rich imagination of your child to empower them to personally take control of their fears, habits and emotional issues by connecting more deeply to their innate inner knowing.

This removes the need for parents to constantly struggle with their children in an effort to overcome these problems.

“One of my children was having difficulty sleeping in his own bed and was in turn having problems waking up in the morning – a nightmare for me as I would have to continually wake him and be late every morning. After seeing Kate he voluntarily went to bed and woke in the morning no issues – a miracle compared to the problems we were having in the past!

I can thoroughly recommend Kate for the effectiveness of her treatment together with her compassion, understanding and insight.”

Sarah, Western Sydney

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Using a natural and gentle approach that is backed by science and extensive experience in creating lasting positive change in children, Kate can help your child overcome issues such as…

·      Fear, worry, anxiety

·      Sadness and depression

·      Separation anxiety

·      Bedwetting, nail biting, sleep and eating issues and other common habits

·      Confidence issues

·      Hyperactivity and inattention

·      Rule breaking and defiance

Long Term Solution Focused Therapy To Empower Your Child To Make Self-Loving Choices

The work Kate does is focused on empowering your child to heal themselves so they do not become reliant on therapy to deal with issues throughout their life.

Kate provides a calm, relaxed and nurturing environment so children feel more comfortable to open up about the true nature of their issues so they can be dealt with them effectively.

As with all her clients, Kate takes great care dealing with children to ensure that a positive framework for future growth and development is provided.