Sacred Esoteric Healing Rouse Hill


Sacred Esoteric Healing was borne from the teachings of the ageless wisdom. It works on the premise that our body is made up of 45, 000 Nadi’s or points of light which constitutes our energetic being. Though experiences such as hurt, disappointment and/or poor choices we make in life, these points of light begin to shut down and we lose our natural radiance and joy for life. It is though living in an energy that is not true to who we are that our body begins to go into a state of dis-ease, instead of living naturally from the soulful light within – our essence.

By living in this state of disconnection, we can experience stress, anxiety, depression and all forms of illness and disease. Esoteric Healing is a very gentle hands on healing technique to assist the individual to connect back with themselves, as well as removing energy blockages that limit us from being who we truly are.

Our bodies are always communicating with us about what is true for us and what is not. Esoteric Healing helps initiate a way of living where we listen to our bodies more deeply for it is our one and only true teacher of ourselves.

Esoteric Healing sessions are deeply relaxing and very healing.

Sacred Esoteric Healing is inspired by the work and teachings of  Serge BenhayonUniversal Medicine