Expert Marriage and Relationship Counselling Pennant Hills NSW



Couples Counselling Pennant Hills Can Help With Issues Such As…

  • Jealousy
  • Mistrust
  • Lack of communication and connection
  • Lack of affection and intimacy
  • Co- dependency

 Which can quickly erode an otherwise happy and long lasting relationship.

Our time together will help you identify and deal with these problems through reaching a deeper understanding of what each party is struggling with and learn to develop more effective communication with your partner. In fact many long lasting and seemingly unresolvable issues can be reconciled very quickly and effectively through effective counselling and greater self-awareness. 

If you would like professional help to create more love, intimacy, trust and support in your relationship and reignite that connection, which has been lacking, please give Kate a call on 1300 762 440.

Divorce Or Separation Support

Sometimes relationships just don’t work.

Dealing with the breakdown of a relationship can be one of the most emotionally intense times in your life. If you are past the point where a relationship can be repaired or you feel that you need some help coming to grips with what has happened, talking to a professional counsellor, experienced in relationship issues can help provide the clarity and emotional relief you need.

Through counselling, psychotherapy and life coaching Pennant Hills, Kate can help you deal with the pain and grief, allowing joy and optimism for the future back into your life.

By providing you with support and using proven techniques to help you move past the current emotional pain, you will quickly start to reconnect with friends, family and be in a much stronger space, mentally and emotionally.

A natural grieving process is to be expected, but when this grief starts to affect your ability to be a strong, loving parent, productive worker and positive, effective individual for too long, you do have options available that can help you deal with negative emotions in the most effective manner.

Many find that simply having someone they can completely open up to and share their deepest feelings without fear of judgement can have an amazingly positive effect, to then discover new ways of being and responding to common situations that can cause distress after the loss of a loved one.

It’s important to remember you do not need to do this alone.

Call Kate today on 1300 762 440 to discuss your personal situation and she will give you guidance on what you can do next to begin moving forward with your life and find new love, passion and optimism.

Other Forms of Counselling and Therapy Pennant Hills

In addition to being a certified counsellor, Kate is also a life coach Pennant Hills clients experiencing emotional hardships in all aspects of their life are welcome to enquire about the benefits that my services can pro