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Kate is experienced working with couples and individuals who want to:

  • reignite the passion and intimacy with their partner
  • develop deeper connections
  • have better communication
  • rediscover the deep love that they know they have for each other.

Do you feel that you and your partner have been drifting apart and nothing you try seems to work?

Professional counselling with an experienced therapist will help you identify the underlying issues and bring clarity to your situation.

By having a professional couples therapy session with Kate you can begin to address: 

  • Constant bickering and fights
  • Coldness
  • Lack of communication 
  • Lack of warmth and intimacy 
  • Feeling alone in the relationship
  • Issues with family & children 

You can then develop a new platform from which true intimacy, love, warmth and a deeper bond can develop and flourish.

By identifying and addressing the underlying patterns of unhealthy behaviour and not simply focusing on the obvious issues, you can quickly see dramatic improvements and begin to reconnect with your partner in a more loving way.

Kate’s understanding, and the open and supportive environment she provides allows you to discuss your issues honestly, and together you can create effective progress towards the kind of relationship that is true, instead of falling back into old arguments that never get resolved and cause ongoing friction.

Couples Counselling assists with issues such as:

 All of which can quickly erode an otherwise happy and long lasting relationship.

Our time together will help you identify and deal with these problems through reaching a deeper understanding of what each party is struggling with and learn to develop more effective communication with your partner. In fact many long lasting and seemingly unresolvable issues can be reconciled very quickly and effectively through effective counselling and greater self-awareness. 

If you would like Professional help to create more love, intimacy, trust and support in your relationship and reignite your connection, then relationship counselling is for you.

After hours and Weekend appointment available.  


Couples Therapy Session:

    • 1 hour – $170  
    • 1.5 hour – $240

Payment accepted via EFTPOS and Cash

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