Professional Counselling Annangrove – Kate Chorley, Certified Counsellor

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Allowing yourself time to reflect and focus on addressing the issues in your life can provide instant relief from the unconscious negative emotions and current troubles that take hold of your mind, leaving you feeling isolated, depressed, ashamed and desperate.In our relaxed, compassionate counselling Annangrove environment you are encouraged to let go of your fear of judgement or shame as we look objectively at the issues that are causing pain and suffering in your life.

By doing this you will see that you do have options and that you can build your life how you would like it to be, which will help you immediately reignite your passion, energy and optimism for the future.

“Hi Kate, I have seen you a couple of times before. My Dr requested me to stop going as he said a psychologist would be better suited. To be honest, out of the 7 psychologist’s I have seen, they have never helped me the way you did. I would love to see you again. Thank you”.

Lexey, Blacktown

Qualified, Professional Counsellor Annangrove

My experience and qualifications in Annangrove counselling, and my extensive life experience allow me to uncover the root cause of your problems to provide clarity and direction on how to overcome these issues in the most effective, positive and compassionate manner.

But it’s not all just talk and self discovery, in certain situations you will be given practical daily tasks and experiments so you can physically and emotionally apply what you learn and see the results in your daily life

During our time together you will also learn to…

  • Shift negative thoughts that cloud your mind and consume your happiness
  • Make sense of your current feelings and what they are really telling you
  • Overcome loss and trauma to begin rebuilding your life
  • Identify and replace your destructive habits and beliefs with ones that will assist you in achieving your most important personal goals
  • Discover how to truly love and nurture yourself, and instantly improve relationships with your loved ones
  • Learn valuable life skills so you can deal with future situations quickly, effectively and peacefully
  • Improve your communication and relationship skills so you are better equipped to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes with family, friends and co-workers

Couples Counselling Annangrove

No matter how great things are in a relationship at first, the end of the ‘honeymoon period’ will always bring with it problems which, when left unresolved, can manifest as difficulties which can threaten the health of any relationship. Counselling Annangrove couples can provide immediate benefits when both parties are able to communicate their needs, frustrations and concerns in an objective and comfortable environment that leaves both parties feeling more understood and closer together. If this is the outcome that you are seeking in your relationship, then contact me today to enquire about couples or marriage counselling Annangrove.


Everyone Needs A little Help

There are times in life when situations, experiences, emotions and habits can get the better of us.

It’s times like these you need to gather the strength to find help. At times we all need support and fighting your personal battles in isolation can lead you down a very dark road.

I am passionate about helping my clients overcome their pain and sadness, and I am here to support you towards the life of joy, happiness and success that you deserve.

If there is something in your life that you want to change, restore or achieve, my specialist skills and years of experience can provide you with the compassionate, unbiased and constructive guidance you need.

Even if you have already tried seeking help elsewhere from another counsellor, a psychiatrist or a psychologist, Annangrove clients are welcome to call anytime on 1300 762 440, and we can have a quick chat to see if my counselling services can help you create real, positive change for yourself.


Skype Sessions – Counselling Annangrove One of the most important requirements for successful coaching and counselling is that you feel completely comfortable and relaxed. Now, thanks to the benefits of modern technology, if you prefer to communicate with me in the comfort of familiar surroundings such as your own home, then our Skype sessions allow you to do just that. Whilst counselling and other forms of therapy Annangrove are more likely to be successful when done in person, if you are unable to make it to our Parramatta or Woodcroft office, you can still receive the benefits of Counselling Annangrove without having to travel. As a fully qualified and highly professional Annangrove Counsellor, all sessions are strictly confidential and private.