Expert Life Coaching


Bring more clarity to your life and enjoy focused direction for accomplishing important goals with tailored life coaching


Do you lack direction or feel like you’re in a rut and need a clear plan for creating the life you want?

Do important achievements and accomplishment always seem just out of reach?

Do you find it hard to stay focused and motivated?

Do you want a more balanced, fulfilling and stress free life?

Don’t know where to start when it comes to making positive life changes?

If you are held back by any of these obstacles, then Kate can help you quickly overcome lifelong barriers and consistently achieve higher levels of personal fulfilment in a purposeful life.

The problem is that many people have never been taught the critical life skills that are needed in today’s fast-paced society, so they struggle when faced with day-to-day issues that affect all of us.

Kate can show you how to look at your personal situation from a new perspective and enjoy more choice, freedom and confidence when tackling challenges and achieving goals.

Using proven techniques and coaching exercises you can successfully…

·      Create more harmony, balance and happiness in your life

·      Improve your finances

·      Relieve depression and anxiety

·      Achieve diet and fitness goals

·      Improve relationships both at home and at work

·      Learn to deal with challenges and emotions more effectively

·      Improve your career and study results

·      Become more socially active and confident

       Have Successful Relationships

·     Improve your life and mindset on all levels for increased health and overall well-being

One-On-One coaching that is Customised to You!

Kate understand’s everyone is different with unique strengths and weaknesses. By getting to know you on a deeper level and uncovering your core values and areas of your life that bring the most joy, together we can create a clear step-by-step road map towards the life you want to live and the person you truly are.

Kate will give you my complete support and guidance no matter what challenges life throws at you or what goals you want to strive for.

The Life Coaching sessions will also teach you important life skills that will be with you forever as you consistently make positive new choices and life changes and move towards greater levels of fulfilment and success.

All sessions are strictly private and confidential.