Expert Counselling

Solution focused & person centred therapy to help you feel empowered in your own life again.


Kate’s therapeutic approach is about empowering the individual through raising their awareness. She provide’s a safe, comfortable environment where you can express openly and honestly without feelings of being judged or shamed. This gives an opportunity to then view your current situation objectively. By doing so you can begin to discover the choices you can truly make for yourself and begin to build your life to support you and your needs.

“Hi Kate, I have seen you a couple of times before. My Dr requested me to stop going as he said a psychologist would be better suited. To be honest, out of the 7 psychologist’s I have seen, they have never helped me the way you did. I would love to see you again. Thank you”.

Lexey, Blacktown


Qualified, Professional Counselling Services

Kate’s experience and qualifications in counselling, and her extensive life experience allow her to identify your core issues to help provide clarity and direction in how to overcome them in the most effective, positive and compassionate manner.

In certain situations you will be given practical daily tasks and experiments so you can physically and emotionally apply what you learn and see the results in your daily life

During our time together you will also learn how to…

  • Shift negative thought patterns
  • Make sense of your current feelings and what they are really telling you
  • Overcome loss and trauma to begin rebuilding your life
  • Identify and replace your destructive habits and beliefs with ones that will assist you in achieving your most important personal goals
  • Discover how to truly love and nurture yourself, and begin to improve relationships with your loved ones
  • Learn valuable life skills so you can deal with future situations more effectively and congruently.
  • Improve your communication and relationship skills so you are better equipped to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes with family, friends and co-workers.


There are times in life when situations, experiences, emotions and habits can become overwhelming.

Kate is passionate about helping my clients find their power again and she is here to support you towards the life you choose for yourself.

If there is something in your life that you want to change, restore or achieve, Kate’s specialist skills and years of experience can provide you with the compassionate, unbiased and constructive guidance you need.

All sessions are strictly confidential and private.


  • I hour – $160