Counselling & Psychotherapy



My unique style and therapeutic approach is about empowering you in your life, supporting you to raise your own self-awareness. This gives you an opportunity to then view your current situation objectively and without judgement. You are then free to discover the different choices you can make for yourself and begin to rebuild your life to best support you and your needs.



I bring to the table many years of professional practice, coupled with extensive life experience that help me provide you with clarity on why you may be stuck in old, repetitive patterns or behaviours that are not true to who you really are.



Our sessions will be about shinning a light and bringing out the best in you rather than a long drawn out process of dredging though the past for many sessions. You will leave feeling understood, clear and light with a focus on a true way forward. I will help you strip back all of the ‘what is not’ you to help you reconnect with your gorgeous inner self.



During our time together you will also learn how to…

  • Shift negative thought patterns

  • Make sense of your current feelings and what they are really telling you

  • Overcome loss and trauma to begin rebuilding your life

  • Identify and replace your destructive habits and beliefs with ones that will assist you in achieving your most important personal goals

  • Discover how to truly love and nurture yourself, and begin to improve relationships with your loved ones

  • Learn valuable life skills so you can deal with future situations more effectively and congruently.

  • Improve your communication and relationship skills so you are better equipped to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes with family, friends and co-workers.


My goal is to empower YOU to make true change, free yourself from the past, deconstruct old patterns and discover the true you.


To find out more call me today on 0402134097 or email