About Kate

Professional, personalised care, focused on creating rapid, positive change in your life using psychotherapy, counselling, coaching

My primary role is to assist the individual in raising their awareness of themselves and of the world around them. From this state they are more empowered with knowledge and understanding of the choices they can make that will best serve them.

I use a range of therapeutic techniques such as person centered, solution focused and narrative therapy. I also assist the client to connect more deeply with their body through felt sense to understand themselves more deeply and feel what is true for them.

I have been practicing in the counselling/psychotherapy field since 2005. During this time I have assisted many individuals with issues such as addictions, disordered eating, depression, anxiety, childhood issues, self-esteem, self confidence and relationship issues. I possess an open straight forward approach yet am highly sensitive and responsive to my clients needs.

I became interested in the counselling profession after a period of struggling with my own demons and emotional issues. I found that through this time the most difficult aspect was the lack of understanding I received from others and my own inability to reach out, this created feelings of isolation and hopelessness which I found difficult to bear. Now fully recovered I share an insiders understanding of emotional distress and offer true support and felt understanding and coupled with professional education, training and experience provide the client with a well rounded, therapeutic experience.

In 2010 I began studying the gentle art of Esoteric Healing with Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine. It was here that I began to truly self-heal, by making new, very loving and supportive lifestyle choices, I experienced profound personal transformation as a result. I now enjoy sharing all she has discovered through her own journey of self-discovery and self-healing with her clients.

“Kate’s voice is extremely soothing and she listens to what it is you need. I am not one for ‘relaxing’ but Kate gets me to really relax and let go every time. She is very professional and warm and I have referred her to many of my friends for all different issues.”

  Michelle P. Norwest

Kate Chorley has a rare and incredible gift. She has enabled and empowered me to build a much greater quality of life for myself as well as deeper, more meaningful relationships with my loved ones. By the end of each visit, the confusion becomes clear and the dark becomes light.

Kate is a truly remarkable individual with a talent for facilitating remarkable results.

                                                                                                                                                               Stuart Adams, Kings Langley


Her Formal Qualifications Include…

* Bachelor of Social Science (Counselling)

* Diploma of Remedial Massage 

* Esoteric Healing Practitioner

Kate is also an active and current member of…

* Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

* Counsellors & Psychotherapists Association (CAPA)

* Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA)

These nationally recognised bodies are the oldest and largest associations in their respective industries, who ensure members, are continually providing the highest quality of care and professionalism to their clients.

If you need help overcoming personal issues in your life, call 1300 762 440 and take action towards becoming the person you truly are.

All therapy is 100% confidential and private.