Through self-honesty and proper therapeutic techniques I can help you find a solution that deals with the core reasons why you choose unsupportive behaviours or live with unnecessary fear or lose control to overwhelmingly negative and anxious thoughts.  These behaviours are present because your mind is ingrained with long held beliefs and patterns of behaviour that trigger habitual responses in certain situations.

Therefore, to initiate change we need to identify and uncover unhelpful beliefs systems and discover fresh, new ways of being that align with the person you truly are.

With in-depth counselling and psychotherapy you can begin to address what is currently holding you back from having the life you desire.

After identifying these issues and gently raising self-awareness to the root cause of your problems, you will feel lighter as you see your current obstacles are not who you are and that they can rapidly be healed with the right approach.

In this state you are empowered to become aware of, and recognise new choices that are you are now available to make to successfully overcome the issues you want to address.

By supporting you to take more responsibility for your life and come to your own positive conclusion, you leave your session with a sense of clarity and renewed enthusiasm.

My unique therapeutic approach is one of the most effective ways to…

  • Address Depression and Anxiety
  • Overcome Alcoholism, Drug and Gambling Addiction
  • Rebuild Self Esteem and Develop Personal Relationships
  • Address Relationship Issues 
  • Provide Therapeutic Support for Families and Children 


After using these techniques to help individuals recover from emotional trauma, lifelong habits and debilitating depression. Even after just the first session my clients feel a renewed sense of clarity and hope in their way forward.

All therapy is 100% confidential and private








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